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When Debt Tracker contacted me I was very nervous, but I needn't have been. They sorted out a payment plan I could afford.



Debt Tracker was founded in 2004 by former CEO of TEFSA and NSFAS, Roy Jackson, after realising the debt problem in South Africa is mainly due to the inability of institutions to collect their debt and not the debtor's inability to pay.

Debt Tracker has since come of age and is serving several clients across the education and private sector.



Roy Jackson

During the 1990s it became impossible to speak of student funding in South Africa without mentioning Roy Jackson's name in the same breath. After 13 years as CEO of TEFSA and NSFAS, Roy resigned in 2003, and launched DEBT TRACKER a year later. During his time at NSFAS he and his colleagues developed the highly successful national loan and bursary scheme responsible for disbursing more than a billion Rand p/a to poor yet able students. His understanding of the Higher Education Sector, the development of the Scheme's systems and his experience in collecting outstanding loans from debtors allowed Roy to conceptualise and put in place systems for DEBT TRACKER which are unique and designed specifically for the purpose of recovering outstanding student fees owed to our country's Higher Education Institutions. Roy is convinced that DEBT TRACKER's systems and highly trained staff will be instrumental in curbing South Africa's student debt problems in the course of the next few years.


Chris Van Der Westhuizen

In December 2005 Chris Van Der Westhuizen resigned from CPUT to join Roy at DEBT TRACKER. The rapid growth in staff, which was driven by a growth in the volume of work which DEBT TRACKER was being entrusted with, meant that a top manager/administrator was required at DEBT TRACKER's offices in Bellville, Cape Town.


Mvuyo Macanda

In July 2006 Mvuyo Macanda resigned as the Deputy CEO of NSFAS to join DEBT TRACKER. The old working partnership between Roy and Mvuyo had been re-established. Two men with similar values - both far more concerned about a Higher Education System that works than about their own bottom line - have, along with Chris and a dedicated staff, created a formidable ‘outstanding-fee-recovery-vehicle'. Having been the NSFAS Operations Manager for so many years Mvuyo slipped into his new role at DEBT TRACKER with great ease. As a result DEBT TRACKER has scaled up its operation and is ready to take on board any Institution that is seeking a more efficient and a more cost effective service around this sensitive matter of unpaid fees.

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